A Dying Game?

This article got us a little heated today. Titled ‘Bunker Mentality‘ it’s a bit of a rant about how our president should give up golf because it’s a dying sport and that golf is somehow a “leisure activity that screams stodgy, hyperconventional Old Guard.”


Here’s Golf is Hard TV’s perspective instead. Golf is anything but a dying game. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors, friends and family. It’s about challening yourself to a crazy hard game just because. As for the President of the United States, please give the man an opportunity to focus on a small white ball once in a while, just to clear his head a little!

All that said, the article points out that “the number of Americans who golf has fallen by four million.” It also points out that “men once free to spend all weekend on the links are now expected to help shuttle the kids to soccer (excuse me… coach soccer!), walk the dog (he’s so cute!), and generally pull their weight on the home front.”

You got us there, not that there is anything wrong with paying attention to your family on a regular basis. We coach, we shuttle and we generally try to shoe-horn in our golf obsession. It is what it is we say.

As for our president, so long as it’s a balanced obsession, like ours, we say tee it up man!

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