Happy 2010 GIHTV Fans! My Golf Story…What’s Yours?

First, Thanks Marc for a killer New Year’s Eve party last night, great people, great food and a house full of nice kids.

For all of you folks out there living in a cold, snowy winter climate, remember that you can continue to improve your game without even touching a club. Putt and chip around the house during the winter, exercise 3-4 times per week, stretch your golf muscles (very important), review our episodes about grip, posture, putting and chipping. Incorporate some of these thoughts and you will continue to improve your game all winter long. Oh…and as you are going to sleep, think about hitting good golf shots.

We were chatting about childhood experiences last night and after reminiscing about all the wild, crazy and at times dangerous stuff we did, the topic of golf came up. “What’s the craziest thing that you ever did on a golf course?”, Marc asked. The story I chose to tell went something like this (all names have been changed to protect the innocent):

It was a slightly warmer, sunny winter day in February back in 1985, all the snow had melted and the smell of golf was in the air (what does golf smell like in February in New England you ask? In my house it smelled like fresh pasta sauce simmering for hours with meatballs and hot Italian sausage permeating throughout…on Sundays anyway. Back to the story…there was a really nice, haughty, private country club in town that you could only play if you were fortunate enough to be a member. My friends and I were not that fortunate, but we did have the major golf itch going and our sticks were shined up and ready to go. We joked about sneaking on the play the country club, the jokes progressed to plans, which later became reality.

The railroad tracks leading to some point on the golf course seemed to be the safest and smartest access route to temptation. We could park at a nearby small vacant lot and walk along the tracks for about 1/4 mile, taking us to the 12th tee. No one would question our car being parked there and if a train came by hopefully the conductor wouldn’t call us in. Since there were no cell phones back then, probably a safe bet. Who would he call anyway? The club was closed.

I don’t remember many of the shots I hit during that 7-hole round except for the 1st swing with a driver. It was 40 degrees, I was wearing a heavy jacket and hadn’t touched a club in months, I thought that just making contact would be good enough. It went about 200 yards, somewhat straight. Good enough. The adrenaline rush caused by our mis-adventure made it seem even better. Oh yeah…one other thing I will never forget, my buddy Jerry had to run off into the woods to relieve himself (I still can’t believe he had a roll of TP in his golf bag!).

Email us your golf stories folks, we will gladly publish them.

We hope your New Year is healthy and happy and you get to play a bit more golf.

Coach Dave

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