Free Golf Directory

Get ready for pure golf directory awesomeness…

We’re thrilled to launch our latest new feature – a free golf directory!

Here’s the deal – we love great golf businesses, cool golf stuff and tricked out golf social networks. Our directory will one day be the golf directory envy of the entire golfing world. Really. It will.

But right now, we need your help. We need listings! Do you have a favorite golf website or blog, or perhaps run one yourself? Please submit your listings today! Once you submit your listing, we’ll check you out and approve you, ensuring worldwide attention and amazing new traffic to your site. Really! Well, we’ll see.

Don’t see a category? Never fear, we’re on the job… leave a comment here or e-mail us and we’ll add to the ever growing category list lickety-lick quick.

In all honesty, we think this free golf directory has big potential and we’re excited to launch it, on this, the day of Tiger’s press conference. Umm… on this, the day of Tiger’s incredibly awkward announcement.


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