Golf is Hard TV #74 – The Heavy Wedge

We continue our series at Boccieri Golf and get to try out the new Heavy Wedge!

First, let us apologize for some fuzzy video towards the middle and end of this video. All we can say is, oops.

More importantly, let’s talk about what it felt like to swing this new club. Fundamentally, both the Heavy Putter and the Heavy Wedge are different than other clubs. By putting a backweight inside the handle, the club is completely balanced differently than what most of us have in our bags today. As I understand it, this radically changes how the club feels and works in your hands.

While I only had time for a few swings, I clearly felt a difference (and yes, it’s possible it was all in my head). My swing felt smoother and I was taking a terrific “divot” on the mat, and hitting the ball a lot more solidly than I was with the Cleveland wedge. That said, until we get this bad boy on the course, we shouldn’t say much more – other than to say we ‘re extremely excited to see if the new Heavy Wedge from Boccieri Golf can help us shave a few strokes off our games.

For more, check out Stina Sternberg’s write up on Golf Digest from the recent PGA Merchandise Show.

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