Golf Digest Classifieds

Who else loves Golf Digest classifieds? Go on, admit it. You look. You know you do. I’m sitting here watching the Seminoles beat down North Carolina (hold on boys.. game’s not over yet!) and  flipping through some back issues and came across some real doozies that I had to share.

Am I that desperate for new golf blog content? Apparently so!

Anyway, here are a few good ones.  The Golf Knickers folks (you’ll have to guess at the URL, I’m not linking to them!) has an awesome photo of a guy in some cool red knickers. The hat matches the pants and his argyle socks complete the picture.  Umm, no.

The Swami, some sort of GPS device uses the clever headline of “Less for GPS, More for Beer.” Nice idea, but not so much with the funny.

The best ad though is listed under “training aids” and proclaims “The mind controls the body, which controls the golf club. The ad has a url, but I’m afraid to visit it to be totally honest. I’m picturing one of those vertigo inducing magician like guys who will hypnotize me and steal my credit card number.

Got a favorite golf ad? Share it here.

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