GIHTV’s 1ST Sunday Scramble – Coming March 14th

GIHTV fans, see our upcoming video about the long-awaited Sunday Scramble. We are giving away 10 Heavy Putters to the first 10 fans that answer three golf trivia questions correctly. We will post the questions next Sunday during the PGA Tour event. If you are not lucky enough to win one of the first 10, you can buy one here for much less than the retail price of $119.99 anytime going forward.

Stay tuned for excitement and very good deals on many more cutting-edge golf products. Following the HP is THE greatest little green repair tool, called Stiletto Green Tool This is a brand new tool to fix ball marks on the green (yes, you should always fix your ball mark, and find another from the idiot before you that did not fix theirs). More to come. Spring is here, go out and play!

In the meantime, check out to learn more about this great new concept in putters. 

Congrats to Camilo on a nice victory and solid play on Sunday. Also, Fran Quinn won on the Nationwide Tour last week, his fourth career win. Keep it rolling Fran, have fun out there!

See ya soon!

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