Injuries are a Blessing in Golf

Marc has presented us with an opportunity to address an interesting issue…the effects of minor injuries on your golf game. More often than not, I have seen minor injuries actually help a person play better golf (although in Marc’s case, it may be a bit more difficult since he has “broken” his finger). Fingers are obviously a very important part of the anatomy invloved in swinging the club, but at least it’s only his right pinky-finger. He may be able to get away with some short swings, and possibly some full swings with lighter grip pressure. This means that Marc should still be able to practice his short game and putting, and the mishap will definitely promote lighter grip pressure. We have repeatedly recommended here that we all spend more than 1/2 of all practice time on our short game and reduce our grip pressure dramatically (see prior eps on “grip”). This injury will be a blessing for Marc’s game.

Other types of minor injuries (that still allow one to walk) not limited to: neck-strains, muscle-pulls, sore backs, hamstrings, broken baby toes (big toes don’t apply), facial scratches, skinned knees, sore butts, broken noses and even the dreaded paper cut, often cause us to swing with a little less intensity, resulting in better shots.

So…if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a minor injury, self-inflicted or not, suck it up and get out there. In the end it will be a blessing in disguise and will help your game. In Marc’s case, if that finger becomes too much of a nuisance, then I agree with John over at LOFT, cut the damn thing off!

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