Pathetic and Sad

This hasn’t been the greatest golf season either personally or for Golf is Hard TV!

Let’s start with the personal golf side… I played less than 10 rounds this year, the highlight being a 9-hole round with my daughter. I managed to play 2 great courses while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, but outside of that, I made little to no progress on my game and in fact, probably took a big step backwards. I’ve invested a huge amount of time in coaching travel softball, which is eating up most and all of my free time.

As for Golf is Hard TV, clearly we’ve slacked on doing new shows this past year. Whether that’s a function of burning out from season 1, lack of good ideas or again, simply no time, I’m unsure. Coach (err, Chef) Dave has been busy over at Life is Hard TV most of this year, but we both desperately want to rekindle the momentum we had with the golf show at some point in the future. When.. we don’t know!

If you are still out there, how was the 2010 golf season for you?