The First Round of 2007

Played my first round of the 2007 golf season in chilly weather this morning at Tashua Knolls. We had a delayed 7:30 AM start time and finally tee’d it up at 9:30 as a shotgun start. Teeing off on 18 to start the round was odd, but gave us a short walk. I started the season with a decent drive, but tripled the hole for an 8.

I’ve mentioned how much I love my new hybrid before, and the club continues to perform as I hit it from just about anywhere on the golf course. I had 3 solid pars on the day and shot a 102 – not terrible. I would have saved a few strokes but continue to slice most every drive. I also need to shake the rust off, as I chunked at least 4 shots that most certainly hurt my score.

It was a GREAT day though – I’m so glad golf is back!

Meanwhile, the Masters is terrific – I’m just now watching the end of the 3rd round and loving every second.

Sunday at the Range

Sunday was gorgeous out so I hit a couple of buckets of balls at the local range. The weather was unreal and there was only 2 or 3 other guys there with me.

I have the notion that I should learn how to draw the ball, if nothing else than to help me fight off my natural slice. I worked on that a bit, with some success but should most certainly invest in a lesson or two shortly. Maybe I’ll even have to rename this blog (doubtful).

I also tried out my new irons (Taylormade RAC OS) that I bought a few weeks ago. I like em a lot, I hit the ball very consistently with the 5 iron but can’t seem to control the 3 iron at all.

Meanwhile, my girls are taking golf lessons in Norwalk so they won’t grow up to “suck” – Julia hit a driver in the simulator 90 yards – improving from 71 which was her previous best distance. It’s fun to see them learn so quickly. I can’t wait to see what happens when we get out on the course.

Playstation Golf

Oh my god, I also suck at Playstation Golf. I couldn’t sleep last night so I teed up Tiger Wood 2005 on the PS2. Playing in Tour Difficulty mode I totally stunk it up shooting 13 over at Harbor Town. I played in regular mode and shot 6 under and missed the cut. So sad, so pathetic.

Tour difficult mode removes the caddy tip – without which the game suddenly becomes very, very hard.

How pathetic. If I’m not even good at video game golf, what chance do I have in the real world?

Winter stinks

I managed to hit a few balls at the Norwalk Golf center and set up a mini-putting area in my basement so far – but basically winter stinks worse than I am at golf.

The Norwalk golf center is pretty amazing however – they have a simulator, a ton of bays with computers and cameras and a full bunker. My girls are doing a girl scouts/LPGA thing so they can learn to stink at golf too – and while they were getting lessons I hit a bunch of balls on my own.

Seeing yourself on video is odd – my swing really isn’t that bad but I have literally no power – something to work on for next spring. It would be nice to be able to hit the ball another 30 yards or so – there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to hit the ball 250 yards with a driver (or more to be honest). I’m capping out at around 225/230 and think it has to do with my hips not opening soon enough.

Maybe I should get some real lessons!

One last round…

It was gorgeous out yesterday (12/17/06) so I hit the links one last time for the year… shot an unimpressive but very typical 44 on Tashua Glen. However, after shooting double bogeys on the first 5 holes, I par’d out the rest.

The hybrid I bought is really amazing – I blasted it almost 200 yards – it didn’t even feel like a full swing.

I played with a chinese couple – the guy was hysterical running around yelling BIRDIE BIRDIE every time he had a chance for birdie. He even did this when he was in the rough 150 yards away from the hole. That guy ruled.

I resolve to play more golf on full-sized courses next year… and to break 100 consistently, even it it means more mulligans (just kidding).

Best Round Ever

I’m in love with my new Walter Hagan hybrid club! Today I:

  • Drove with it
  • Chipped with it
  • Played bump and run with it
  • Even hit it from 15 yards off the green to within 3 feet of the hole!
  • I considered putting with it, but didn’t 🙂

I also played with my new TaylorMade R580 ($99 bucks at Dick’s) and absolutely loved it. Not the latest, greatest model, but still a real driver.

I shot a 41 on the Tashua Glen (Par 33, Executive course) for pretty much my best round ever. Even better, I took the kids with me and they had a great time. Hope still lives that they’ll take up golf!

The girls first time out


New Toys

Black Friday was good to me.

Bought a TaylorMade R5 Driver for $99, threw in a Walter Hagan Hybrid 3 Ironwood and a Ben Hogan putter. I’m going to play 9 or 18 tomorrow, probably the last golf of the year. Can’t wait to try out my new toys!

I spent at least 45 minutes agonizing over these clubs at Dick’s in Milford – the best part was hitting them in the simulator. After shanking a few balls, I got into a groove, hitting my farthest ball almost 250 yards – and that was with the hybrid!

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