Mike Ditka Resorts Annual Golf Tournament

Good Morning Mike!

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Say it with me… Ditka. Ditka, Ditka.

Aside from his role in that terrible Will Ferrell film, Mike Ditka is an iconic figure that transcends football. The classic SNL parody of him is legendary, as is his secure place as one of the all-time great football coaches.

I got an e-mail from Brooke at Geneva Hospitality who asked me to blog Ditka’s upcoming annual golf tournament. This is the 2nd year of the event and all proceeds will be going to “Gridion Greats,” a charity that provides financial assistance and coordinates social services to retired NFL players in need who are pioneers of the game and have greatly contributed to the NFL’s status as the most popular sport in America.

The event is April 16th-18th in Orlando, FL. Wish  I could say we’ll see you there… but we’ll probably still be digging out from more snow in CT.

Learn more about Gridiron Greats and the Mike Ditka annual golf tournament.

Golf Cart 1, Jim Leyland’s Toe 0

I was poking around some news sites today and came across this doozy of a story. Apparently, Leyland’s third base coach ran over Jim’s toe and broke it. Ouch.

In other news, we got a least a foot of snow here in CT. When will it be golf season again? I’m tired of complaining, but sheesh, enough is enough already!

Golf Digest Classifieds

Who else loves Golf Digest classifieds? Go on, admit it. You look. You know you do. I’m sitting here watching the Seminoles beat down North Carolina (hold on boys.. game’s not over yet!) and  flipping through some back issues and came across some real doozies that I had to share.

Am I that desperate for new golf blog content? Apparently so!

Anyway, here are a few good ones.  The Golf Knickers folks (you’ll have to guess at the URL, I’m not linking to them!) has an awesome photo of a guy in some cool red knickers. The hat matches the pants and his argyle socks complete the picture.  Umm, no.

The Swami, some sort of GPS device uses the clever headline of “Less for GPS, More for Beer.” Nice idea, but not so much with the funny.

The best ad though is listed under “training aids” and proclaims “The mind controls the body, which controls the golf club. The ad has a url, but I’m afraid to visit it to be totally honest. I’m picturing one of those vertigo inducing magician like guys who will hypnotize me and steal my credit card number.

Got a favorite golf ad? Share it here.

Golf Musings

It’s the end of February and we’re faced with yet another snow storm coming later this week. Sigh. I haven’t had time to work on my putting like I have in the past and I’m feeling way behind the eight ball for this coming golf season. I’m starting to come up with some goals for this year outside of a desire to simply play more golf.

First of all, this year I think I’ll focus more on having fun and less on shooting lower and lower scores. That said, I’d love to be able to consistently break 95 and maybe, once shoot a 90 at Tashua Knolls.

I also will invest in some new equipment this year, including some new wedges. I also would love to get my irons re-fitted, based on some episodes we did with Ron towards the end of 2009, my swing has changed and it’s time for better fit clubs. Hey Ron, hook me up man!

I’d love to play a few new courses this year as well, and am taking some time in Myrtle Beach in August, and will need to find some fun courses to play while I’m there this year. I’ve played Tidewater before and would love to find something ehhh.. a bit cheaper.

As for Golf is Hard TV – we want to build the traffic and get more comments, more swings to review and to have more fun!

What are you looking to accomplish in 2010 in golf?

Golf is Hard TV #74 – The Heavy Wedge

We continue our series at Boccieri Golf and get to try out the new Heavy Wedge!

First, let us apologize for some fuzzy video towards the middle and end of this video. All we can say is, oops.

More importantly, let’s talk about what it felt like to swing this new club. Fundamentally, both the Heavy Putter and the Heavy Wedge are different than other clubs. By putting a backweight inside the handle, the club is completely balanced differently than what most of us have in our bags today. As I understand it, this radically changes how the club feels and works in your hands.

While I only had time for a few swings, I clearly felt a difference (and yes, it’s possible it was all in my head). My swing felt smoother and I was taking a terrific “divot” on the mat, and hitting the ball a lot more solidly than I was with the Cleveland wedge. That said, until we get this bad boy on the course, we shouldn’t say much more – other than to say we ‘re extremely excited to see if the new Heavy Wedge from Boccieri Golf can help us shave a few strokes off our games.

For more, check out Stina Sternberg’s write up on Golf Digest from the recent PGA Merchandise Show.

Free Golf Directory

Get ready for pure golf directory awesomeness…

We’re thrilled to launch our latest new feature – a free golf directory!

Here’s the deal – we love great golf businesses, cool golf stuff and tricked out golf social networks. Our directory will one day be the golf directory envy of the entire golfing world. Really. It will.

But right now, we need your help. We need listings! Do you have a favorite golf website or blog, or perhaps run one yourself? Please submit your listings today! Once you submit your listing, we’ll check you out and approve you, ensuring worldwide attention and amazing new traffic to your site. Really! Well, we’ll see.

Don’t see a category? Never fear, we’re on the job… leave a comment here or e-mail us and we’ll add to the ever growing category list lickety-lick quick.

In all honesty, we think this free golf directory has big potential and we’re excited to launch it, on this, the day of Tiger’s press conference. Umm… on this, the day of Tiger’s incredibly awkward announcement.


Golf is Hard TV#73 – Boccieri Golf

We spent quality time with Boccieri Golf shooting multiple epsisodes at their world HQ in CT. In this first episode, Marc spends time with Steven Boccieri learning about their classic heavy and mid-weight putters as well as the new lite-weight putter and the all new heavy wedge!

We love talking golf with Steven because to us, he’s the wonderfully mad golf scientist. His depth of knowledge on the science of the golf swing is astounding – if we had only taped the 45 minute chat we had BEFORE we remembered to turn on the cameras! Stay tuned for more with Bocceri including a lesson in swing weights coming soon.

If you missed our earlier episodes with Boccieri from season 1, don’t miss part 1, episode #49 and part 2, episode #50!

Deal of the Day?

Taylormade R7's at Costco - good deal time!

I just so happened to be in Costco earlier today in CT and saw a set of Taylormade R7 XD’s and thought it might be a pretty sweet deal at $310.

I found the same set on Overstock at $453 and what I think is the same set at Golf Galaxy for $399.

Happy shopping!

Sunday Scramble on GIHTV – You Will Want To Be Here!

Sitting here trying to get excited about watching the 2nd round of whatever tournament they are playing this week on Tour. Mickelson (Phil, I think), isn’t even on page two of the leaderboard, yet during his interview after the second round he’s talking about how he can come back to win. The Tour is doing everything possible to create drama, and ratings…Tiger, please come back soon!!

There is much hype and drama being created here at GIHTV however. In addition to offering new, cool and helpful golf products in 2010 at a substantial discount from retail, we will be giving away a limited number of some items on the last Sunday of the month in which we introduce them. This is what will become famously known as the Sunday Scramble.

The Sunday Scramble is not:

  • Steve Stricker trying to get up-and-down on Sunday to win a tour event
  • A weekend tournament at your local club
  • The guys trying to get out of the house after a day of watching football before your wife (or husband) gets home from shopping
  • Peyton Manning trying to escape the pocket before being crushed by New Orleans linebackers

The Sunday Scramble is:

  • A regular feature on www.golfishardtv.com where we GIVE AWAY cool new golf products, and/or offer them at substantial discounts, beginning the last Sunday of every month starting in March
  • The first piece of equipment is the new Heavy Putter http://www.heavyputter.com/, free to the first 10 GIHTV fans that answer really tough (not) trivia questions (you will be able to purchase them here thereafter as well).
  • A way to show off to your friends that you are hip to the latest in equipment, apparel, gadgets and the best golf websites

What you should do now:

Stay tuned for details about the big Heavy Putter giveaway and tell your friends what we are up to. GIHTV in 2010 will be very exciting and informative, don’t miss our weekly videos…beginning soon!

Oh…and good luck!

Golf is Hard TV Season 2 Kick Off #72

It’s season 2 of Golf is Hard TV! We kick off the new season with some chatter about Tiger, the new grooves and generally catch up with you. We’re are excited for season 2! Look for a future blog post that will highlight some of the top shows form season 1 (2009) and lots more to come. Meanwhile, catch up with us right now and help celebrate season 2 of Golf is Hard TV!

We talk a little about Tiger, tell us what you think by leaving a comment, or take our quick poll.

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